Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oh we are hot.. speaking of hot lets get a summer list doooo's!

speaks for itself


SOoo..just another sunday..sitting here in the student center doing absolutely nothing. There is a hurricane coming...i hooked up with a boy last night. He is pretty much the man of the campus so i guess that is a good thing. What do you think of the Blog? you can change anything you want.. with that boy we went night biking on mountain bike trails..not going to lie i felt pretty special.. i feel like taylor swift in all of her love songs hah.. you know carrie Underwoods new song..pretty greatt. Oh and i am coming out to co on tuesday and will be there for 5 weeks..ill check for my return flight and when it is.. we should just pretty much write in this like it is our journal so we really know what is going on in each others lives.. how is the new set up at the new house and when does Dane get down there? Do you like how she rides and teaches...ect love you